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Inseries is the slightly different professional calculator app that allows you to naturally enter calculationsand clearly browse your previous results. Simply type in 100+20% to add taxes, or 100-30% to easily calculate a discount.

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Intelligent professional Calculator

Simple and clear user interface

Persistent calculation and result history

Tips & Tricks

You can add multiple items at once to your shopping list simply by tapping the "+" button and selecting items; quickly add a single item by double-tapping on the item.

If you type the name of an item into the filter field when adding new items to your list and you get no search results you can automatically create a new item by pressing ENTER or the "Done" button.

Items that have no specific icon associated with them use the category's icon if they are already assigned to a category.

You can quick-categorize items directly from a shopping list: click the detail disclosure button to get to the list item details and press the quick-categorize button in the top-right corner.

When you long-press on the filter button you can quickly clean up your list by deleting all completed list items.

You can manage all your items, categories and lists in the Preferences area, e.g., in order to assign a specific icon to an item, or to change its unit (by default, pieces).

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQHow do I create a new list?

The easiest way to create a new list is to type the name of the list into the filter field inside the list navigator and press the ENTER key.

FAQIs Airrends also available for Android, or is there a Web version?

No, sorry, you cannot do everything and we have a clear focus on iOS and Mac apps.

FAQHow can I get rid of all completed items on my list?

You can delete all completed items from your list by long-pressing on the filter button.