June 30, 2015 Inseries 2.0 - New Major Update for iOS and Mac

Inseries 2.0 provides a number of significant improvements over previous versions of our smart calculator app:

  • New, simplified keypad that makes various input tasks a lot easier through 2nd functions via long-pressing keys — especially entering hex numbers and accessing the most common constants (pi and e)
  • More clear representation of past calculations through color coding and more natural operator characters for multiplications and divisions
  • Faster way to perform date calculations: you can now easily add days to a date via the standard ‘+’ operator and calculate the number of days between two dates by subtracting them from each other

And finally (we know, long overdue): native support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ screen sizes. Hope you enjoy the new update!

February 6, 2014 Update Adds Date Calculations: Inseries - Calculate Different v1.5

Inseries 1.5 adds calendar functions for adding days to a date, calculating the number of days between two dates, or to determine the calendar week based on a given date. In addition, memory contents and the previous result can now also be selected by tapping/clicking on the memory indicator and result field respectively.

October 5, 2013 Now also for Mac: Inseries - Calculate Different

Inseries is the slightly different professional calculator app that allows you to naturally enter calculations and clearly browse your previous results. Simply type in "100+20%" to add taxes, or "100-30%" to easily calculate a discount. Inseries even shows you "pi" as a real constant instead of just a number.

Inseries' clear user interface is optimized for desktop power users providing a configurable global hotkey for activation and keyboard shortcuts for all important actions. For instance, memory is both stored and retrieved via shortcuts that are logical and easy to remember. Also the function and constant choosers are accessed in this way, though you can of course also simply type them in.

Intelligent professional calculator

  • Menu-bar app supporting quick-activation via global hotkey
  • Fast access to common and mathematical functions and constants
  • Natural adding and subtracting of percentages
  • Real random value generator for the built-in rand() function

Simple and clear user interface

  • Easily enter calculations in a spreadsheet-like way
  • Copy results and paste support for calculation field
  • Fast switching between all, 4, 2, and no fraction digits
  • Keyboard shortcuts for storing, recalling and clearing memory

Persistent calculation and result history

  • Built-in database for previous calculations and results
  • Easily reusing previous calculations and results via clicking
  • Persistent settings, e.g., for fraction digits mode
  • Variable-style access to memory ("M") and current result ("R")

Inseries for Mac is now available through download via the Mac App Store.

September 18, 2013 Update: Inseries - Calculate Different v1.4

Inseries 1.4 fixes a few compatibility issues related to the most recent version of iOS. The update also refreshes the look & feel slightly to be even more in line with the new overall design. In addition, there is a new "0" fraction digits mode that allows displaying results as rounded integer numbers.

June 12, 2013 Update: Inseries - Calculate Different v1.3

Inseries 1.3 introduces additional number formats such as hexadecimal, binary and degrees as well as functions to convert between these formats. Additional new features include:

  • Degrees key for easily calculating directly with degrees; use the new DEC (short for decimal) function to convert degrees to radians
  • Expandable keypad featuring A-F keys for entering hexadecimal numbers (swipe up/down in the upper rows of keys to expand/collapse the keypad)
  • Easily enter hex and binary numbers using common "#ff20ea" and "%100101" notations
  • New built-in bitwise/logical operations for NOT, AND, OR, XOR, shift-left, and shift-right
  • Faster access to delete-all functionality via long-pressing the back key

May 31, 2013 Update: Inseries - Calculate Different v1.2

Inseries 1.2 adds a German translation of the user interface.

May 24, 2013 Update: Inseries - Calculate Different v1.1

Inseries 1.1 now allows you to easily reuse previous calculations and results in your current calculation by tapping on them. In addition, we have subdivided the constants chooser into two sections "Common" and "More" for faster access to the most often used constants e and pi.

May 1, 2013 Press Release: New Calculator App Inseries Promises to "Calculate Different"

Independent developer Gerald Aquila today introduced Inseries, a completely new approach to iPhone calculators that allows you to enter calculations more naturally and to clearly view your previous results. Award-winning designer Wolfgang Bartelme created the clear and functional design of the app combining aspects of financial and scientific calculators with a spreadsheet-inspired way of entering calculations.

"Inseries is a simple, yet powerful calculator app," said Gerald Aquila, the developer of Inseries. "For instance, if you enter 100 - 30% it will really calculate 70, correctly assuming you wanted to deduct a discount. You can also easily add taxes in the same way."

Inseries provides fast access to common mathematical functions and constants including a real random number generator. Financial calculator functionality includes naturally adding and subtracting of percentages, a quick-sum function key and fast switching between all, 2 and 4 fraction digits. In order to keep the user interface clear and simple, storing, recalling, and clearing memory is implemented using swipe gestures.

A real "new" is that Inseries stores previous calculations and results persistently and provides an undo functionality to go back one result. In addition, the calculator app provides quick and convenient access to memory and the current result via built-in variables.

Inseries is available for iPhone and iPod touch as of today for purchase through the iTunes App Store for $0.99 (US). More information can be found on the "Calculate Different" website at