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Naturally enter calculations &
Clearly browse your previous results.

Inseries is the slightly different professional calculator app
that allows you to naturally enter calculations and clearly browse your previous results.
Simply type in 100+20% to add taxes, or 100-30% to easily calculate a discount.

Intelligent professional calculatorIntelligent professional calculator

  • Fast access to date and scientific functions and constants
  • Natural adding and subtracting of percentages
  • Quick-sum function for fast adding of multiple numbers
  • Real random value generator for rand and dice functions
  • Simple and clear user interfaceSimple and clear user interface

    • Easily enter calculations in a spreadsheet-like way
    • Copy results and paste support for calculation field
    • Fast switching between all, 2, and 4 fraction digits
    • Swipe-gestures for storing, recalling and clearing memory

    Persistent calculation and result historyPersistent calculation and result history

    • Built-in database for previous calculations and results
    • Undo-functionality for going back to previous calculation
    • Persistent settings, e.g., for fraction digits mode
    • Variable-style access to memory M and result R