Idea & Innovation Management

Ideabook helps creatives minds focus on their best ideas. From ideation and capturing of ideas to reviewing and decision making, Ideabook supports your entire creative process in a unique and practical way.

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Unleash Your Creativity

Capture Your Ideas

Easily capture all your ideas - wherever you are. Got inspired while reading something on the web? Simply select the relevant text and share it with Ideabook. Quickly add additional thoughts to existing ideas via Spotlight-enabled search. Collecting your ideas has never been easier. Never lose a good idea again.

Brainstorm & Organize

Sometimes you need a more visual setting for coming up with new ideas for a specific topic. Or you want to do a brainstorming session in a more organized way. This is where "spaces" come in: visually organize your ideas via idea cards, group related ideas together and help your brain to understand the big picture.

Rate. Review. Decide

Innovative people typically have too many ideas, rather than too few. But to be successful we have to focus on our best ideas. Ideabook helps you to rate ideas regarding up to 10 configurable criteria and analyze them using bubble charts. Improve your chances by reviewing ideas more objectively and making more informed decisions.

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